Moon Magic – Digital Download


– This audio is now available for the first time in 18 years! –

From Marjorie:

“I thank God, the Light within me, and my teacher Barbara for her encouragement and support. Also to Dimitri Karas for his loving guidance and expertise.

A special heartfelt thanks goes to all my loving friends for their support, warmth, and light in doing this recording. My heart kisses your hearts. And all of you know who you are…” – Marjorie

From Barbara:

“Marjorie Valeri is a gifted artist. Her channeled harp sends the human heart soaring to higher spiritual experience.” – Barbara Brennan

“Moon Magic” by Marjorie Valeri
Composed, Produced, & Performed by Marjorie Valeri
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Moon Magic – By Majorie Valeri

Digital Download Playlist includes:

Moon Magic Part 1 – 23:21 mins
Moon Magic Part 2 – 22:41 mins

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Note: This product has been digitally reprocessed and remastered but the audio limitations of the original analog cassette tape may still remain.